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Possible causes of clogged drain

A clogged drain does not occur overnight but rather is the gradual accumulation of debris in the drain making the flow of water reduce and the eventually stops.

The possible causes of clogged drain are;


When hair shafts build up in the drain over a period of time it forms a ball that prevents water from flowing through the drain.This is one of the most common causes of clogging especially the bathroom drains.


When food remains are not properly disposed and they find their way through the kitchen sink and into the drain they cause blockage.No matter how small they are like bread or cake crumbs they accumulate over time causing clogging.

Fat and grease.

Fat from the food and grease from utensils is not always broken down into smaller components by soap.Though some tend to believe that fat and grease can be dealt with by cleaning the drain with hot water some times the fat and grease still clings to the drain and causes clogging.


Some paper like the paper towels does not break down like the way tissue paper does so it does not flush.This is because it is made from hard paper.Plastic bags also when intentionally or accidentally released into the drain will clog it.


This is particular to the outside drains that could be in your back yard.When the leaves enter the drain they accumulate and even when they rot they still will clog the drain.


We all like it when our children are playful and sometimes they accidentally lose their toys which often fall into the sink down into the drain.Most toys are made of plastic and they do not drain.

The fact still remains most drain clogs are caused by human error,if only we would be more careful with how we handle all things then causing drain clogs will be something of the past..