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Clearing clogged sink drains

Most homes have one or two sinks for washing hands and in the kitchen for washing the raw foods used, preparing food and cleaning the dirty utensils. However, over time the water in these sinks may not get drained quickly due to clogged sink drains. This is inconvenient, as it will be difficult to use the sinks which are full of dirty water. The clogged sinks are not hygienic and can be a breeding ground for different microbes and pests, causing diseases in the long term. Hence it is important to find the reason for the clogged sink drains, and correct the problem at the earliest.
One of the main reasons for clogged sink drains are deposits of oil and grease on the surface of the drains, which impede the flow of water. These oily deposits will accumulate over a period of time, and may be caused when a sink user washes his greasy hand or face with water from the sink. Oily food and cooking oil and grease used for cooking can also coat the drains, impeding the flow of water. Mud and other residue from washing dirty hands can also clog the sink drain. In some areas, the water supply will contain hard water, and the mineral deposits from this hard water can make it difficult for the dirty water to get drained away.
Using a suction pump or other device to remove the accumulated dirt in the sink drains, is one way to clear the sink drains. An easy way for home owners to unclog the sink drains is by using chemical solvents which dissolve the dirt and residue. However, this should be done carefully, since the chemicals used are highly corrosive. If the drains are completely clogged, and cannot be drained using conventional means, it is advisable to hire the services of a plumber. They will have a number of specialized tools for unclogging the drains, including water jetting or hydro jetting if needed to remove all the accumulated dirt.