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Few tips on dealing with a blocked toilet in the bathroom

Blocked toilet is a very annoying problem that not only makes your house dirty, but it can increase many other problems as well for you. In this kind of situation you may not wait until you get the help from plumber and you need to deal with the situation by yourself and for doing this here are few tips that can help you in dealing with a blocked toilet in the bathroom.
Stop using the bathroom: Well, I do not need to tell you this but if you are still trying to flush your toilet then you are making a big mistake. So, when you see your toilet is clogged, then instead of doing anything else just stop using it on the first hand, and make sure you don’t fill it again in any case. So, just stop throwing any water into it by any means.
Get the right plunger: In order to clean your clogged toilet you will need to use a good plunger, so it is a good idea to keep a right size plunger for this in your house. Also, prefer to choose a funnel-cup plunger for this so you can get best sealing between walls of your toilet and plunger and you can clean it with more pressure.
Warm up your plunger: Many time people make a mistake that they try to clean their clogged toilet with a hard plunge and they get no good result from it. If you want to make sure that you get better result with less effort in it, then warm up and soften your plunger before using it. To do this, you can simply put it in some hot water for 2 minute and then you can use the soft plunger to clean your toilet.
Pour hot water and dishwasher detergent in it: a plumber may not tell you about this secret, but all the plumbers prefer to add some dish washer detergent and hot water in their cleaning task. Hot water always keep the plunger warm and when it combine with dishwasher detergent, then it also help in the cleaning process. So, we suggest you to pour some hot water and detergent as well in your toilet before cleaning it.
In case above tip of dealing with a blocked toilet in the bathroom does not work for you, then I would not suggest you to try anything else by yourself. Instead of that I would suggest you to wait for the plumber and get a solution from him only for this problem.