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Useful tips on unclogging a clogged drain

Is your sink causing problems leaving you hassled and irritated? Well you need not face this problem ever if you follow these easy to do yourself tips. With just a few inexpensive and easy tools and a little effort, you can unclog any stubborn sink which refuses to unclog.


Use Baking Soda: The humble ingredient Baking Soda works like magic for a clogged drain, this is a tips that is easy and effective. Remove the water out of the sink, as much as you can, pour in about a cup of baking soda inside the drain and then follow it up with boiling water till the drain clears out completely.

Use Vinegar Another effective way to unclog a more stubborn drain is using vinegar. Pour in a cup of vinegar immediately after you pour in the baking soda. Let this remain for half an hour and then pour hot water 2-3 times to get an unclogged drain.

Use the Plunger: Always keep a plunger around it is a very useful tool to have around clogged sinks. Plungers are available at most hardware stores. Place the plunger directly into the sink and plunge it vigorously in an upward and downward motion for a few seconds and pull. The vacuum created by the plunger will get rid of the clog. An inexpensive tool, that works every time.

Use the plumber’s snake: If you have this tool known as the snake it has to be used after you unscrew the trap beneath the sink to clear any blockage. Keep a bucket handy to collect the water in the pipe if any, poke the snake inside the pipe to remove whatever is causing the blockage. A hanger made of wire also works well if you do not have a plumbers snake. All you have to do is make a small bend at the end of the hanger after straightening it.

The best way not to have a clogged drain is by taking care not to dump your sink with rice or pasta and other food items, not using enough water to flush it will make food items stick to the inside of the pipes. Never throw greasy, oily stuff into sinks as they tend to solidify and clog drains.
These are a few tips to unclog a clogged drain, however if the problem persist, there should be no hesitation on your part to call in the plumber.