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Emergency Plumbing

Do you have a Plumbing Emergency?

Need immediate help on a leaking pipe? Take it easy and contact a professional plumber straightaway. At Plumber Curl Curl, we ensure to deliver quick and reliable emergency service at a reasonable price. Our emergency plumbers are equipped with cutting edge technologies to help them in identifying and solving various types of plumbing emergencies including:

    Leaks or burst pipes

    Blocked drains

    Hot water emergencies

Why Plumber Curl Curl?

  • Fast, same day service
  • Professional plumbing, friendly service
  • We will respond to your concerns within an hour anywhere in Curl Curl
  • We charge by the job, not by the hour
  • Emergency services are available at all times

For quick response, call us immediately on 0488 886 320. and get rewarded with special DISCOUNTS!

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A Plumbing Emergency in Curl Curl

“White or red?” Arthur called out as he walked into the kitchen. His lunch guests unanimously shouted white (with Dave calling out ‘beer’). Arthur put down the stack of plates and rinsed them off in the sink before stacking them in the dishwasher. It was better to clean as you used, otherwise at the end of the day you’d have a mountain of consequences you didn’t want to deal with.

There was gristle and bits of salad swilling down the drain, so as he selected their next beverage, Arthur flicked on the insinkerator. He roared to life for a second, before falling silent. Arthur flicked the switch a couple of times, but nothing happened. He peered down the hole and thought about sticking his hand in there to see if anything was stuck. It was a fleeting thought as there was no way he was putting his valuable hand into the masher of waste! He ran the tap for a few moments to see if he could wash away the problem, but the water almost refused to drain completely! A little panicked, Arthur returned to the dining room and deposited the bottle of white on the table (and a bottle of beer in front of Dave), and asked if anyone knew a Plumber. There various answers, but two of the guests knew of a local Curl Curl Plumber who dealt with Emergency situations and would be able to respond quickly.

Arthur got the number and gave him a call.

The Neighbourhood Plumber arrived as the group were starting dessert. Arthur showed him immediately to the blocked insinkerator. The Plumber tested the switch, and ran water through the drain to see if it would drain as Arthur has informed him. The Curl Curl Plumber then got under the sink and disconnected the power so he wouldn’t hurt himself, before investigating further. Arthur re-joined his guests for a moment, before coming back to see what the problem was. The insinkerator was old and faulty. It would need to be replaced.

The Curl Curl Plumber could either find a new insinkerator to install, which might take a while, or he could remove it and revert the drainage to a regular sink. Arthur thought about it for a moment, remembering the feeling a disgust and fear creeping up his spine as he thought about putting his hand down into the drain every time he dropped a piece of cutlery down there.

“Take it out.” He answered quickly. The Plumber provided all the pricing up front and got to work. He took everything out of the cupboard and stacked it neatly on the bench before setting to work. Dessert was over, coffees had been downed and they were almost out of embarrassing stories to tell by the time the Plumber was done. He knocked on the dining room door to announce his completion. Arthur met him back in the kitchen and admired the handiwork. The water drained away, and there was no mess! The Plumber had cleaned up under the sink and had even put everything back! He’d even wiped the sink down as well! Arthur cut up some of the dessert cakes and placed them in a disposable container for the Neighbourhood Plumber to take with him as a thank you for coming out so quickly and being prepared to do the work on a Sunday!

Before the Plumber could make his escape, Arthur loudly recommended the Curl Curl Plumbers services to his friends. The Plumber left enough business card for them to keep and made his exit from the party.

For a Plumbing Emergency, regardless of the situation, call your local Curl Curl Plumber for a quick and efficient service! Contact your Neighbourhood Plumber now on 0421 913 167!

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