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Decisions When It Comes to New Plumbing

When you make a choice on the different furnishings and fixtures for a new house, home owners are usually busy answering important questions such as: ease of maintenance, longevity, aesthetic features, among others. However, because of focusing on the said issues, home owners usually end up neglecting a very important system, one which is concealed by walls and floorboards—plumbing. Thus, you also have to do a thorough evaluation of plumbing options available to you before you move into that new house. This allows you to save a significant amount of time and money.
Although the materials for new plumbing are often limited, there are, at present, some great alternatives to the most usual plumbing materials: copper and galvanized steel. When you determine the kind of system you should install at home, be sure of asking these questions:

How will a plumber in Curl Curl install the plumbing system?
How long will the plumbing system last?
What will be the effect of the system on the quality of drinking water?

Even if someone else will be setting up the new system for you, it is a must to know the way the pipes are set up. Parts and fixtures made of copper require the use of soldering torches so the fittings will fit together, and these tools have long been connected to house fires. The good news is, many plumbing materials these days do not require solder torches. Rather, they make use of chemicals like CPVC or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride to come up with a joining system.

The Longevity of the System
Although plumbing systems are intended to last for a long time, many systems mostly composed of metal parts have been destroyed by corrosive soil and water after only a few years. For this reason, CPVC and PVC plastic plumbing systems are often seen as a better alternative. They are thick, suited for moving hot and cold water, do not corrode, do not easily conduct heat compared to copper and iron, and are not prone to sweating and condensing. These advantages allow you to save thousands of dollars yearly, as you do not need to put money aside for plumbing repairs.

Effect on the Quality of Drinking Water

Tests have proven that hard water corrodes metal-made pipes at fast rates. This causes the water to be contaminated beyond drinking standard. To solve this problem, you can have a water softener system installed for you, or you can have plastic pipes for your plumbing instead.

These are the most valuable factors to consider when a new plumbing system needs to be installed in your home. Make sure that you contact licensed plumbers for best advice on your home’s plumbing system.