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A Hot Water Problem in Curl Curl

Kristen was halfway out the door when she heard running water. Great. She dumped her stuff in the doorway and walked back into the kitchen. Only, there was no tap on, and she could still hear running water. Slightly alarmed now, Kristen made her way quickly to the laundry. And there it was. Running, no, spraying water all over had laundry room. Her hot water system was gushing water everywhere. Kristen raced back to her bag and dug out her phone. She called the first Plumber she found. He promised to get there as soon as possible, but to minimise damage she should either locate a tap near her system to isolate water flowing into the tank, or turn off the main water tap.

Kristen raced back into her laundry but didn’t want to get close to the torrent of water, so she ran back outside and turned off the water at her mains. As she was explaining to her boss why she’d be late, the Plumber pulled up in his truck. Kristen led him to the problem immediately. It didn’t take long for the Curl Curl Plumber to come back with his assessment. It turned out that there had been illegal connections on her hot water system. Whoever had installed it had used flexible hoses (or flexis, for short) instead of copper piping.

This was dangerous as the pressure and heat of the tank caused the hoses to wear away. The final result being the hoses bursting, spraying water everywhere. The Plumber quoted her on restoring the hot water tank and connecting it with the copper piping. He could go ahead right now if she wanted. Kristen definitely wanted hot water tonight, so she agreed. She made them both a cup of coffee to fill in her time while she waited.

It wasn’t long before the Plumber had made his repairs. He restored water and tested the tank. It worked! And she wouldn’t be too late for work after all!

Do you have a issue with your hot water system? Call your local Curl Curl Plumber now on 0421 913 167, and organize an appointment!

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