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How to replace water heater tanks

Waters heaters are often supposed to have regular checkups and maintenance procedures. Even so without maintenance they are prone to churning away easily. No matter how well you look after your water heater tank, there comes a time when it quits working due to aging, corrosion or rust.
Therefore the most easy and quicker way to replace a water heater tank is to leave the whole procedure to a plumbing expert. But if you do not have enough cash, you can still the replacement by yourself.
Replacing water heater tanks is quite easy. Below are some of the tips to replacing water heater tanks.
Choose your new water heater
When choosing your new water heater tank, it’s good to keep the same type of fuel i.e. whether electric or gas. However, you can choose to change the size as long as there is a clearance between the wall and the heater.
Prepare for the installation
The first thing you need to do is to check on the plumbing. Make sure you measure the “center to center” dimensions actually between the cold and hot water pipes on the top side of the water heater. Ensure that the newly acquired heater has the exact dimensions. This will make you plumbing work way easier. Also, check on the connection to the old water heater tank and confirm if you have a gas union i.e. if you have a gas water heater tank.
Setting up
If you have a basement installation, get your water heater tank off the truck and also down the stairs. You cannot do this by yourself, you need extra labor.
It is also advisable to rent an appliance dolly so that you ease your job.
Now have the new heater brought down to the place of the old water heater tank. You are ready to go!