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Pipe Relining

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Whilst sewage systems in Australia are generally made with sturdy pipes (e.g. PVC, earthenware or steel), even the strongest system isn’t immune to pipe blockages and/or breakages. Pipes can become clogged or damaged for a number of reasons, including soap, hair and other debris build-up, poorly installed pipes, and the most common reason, tree root intrusion. When tree roots, in their relentless pursuit of water, finally make their way through a sewer pipe, the pipe becomes blocked. When this occurs, it’s likely you’ll experience the following signs:

    • Gurgling or bubbling sounds from your toilet or basins

    • Overflowing sewer gully

    • Sinks and basins not draining slowly

    • Toilet water not receding

    • Offensive odours from drains

If you have indeed noticed the above, it’s highly likely you have a blocked sewer system on your hands, which requires the immediate attention of professional plumbers. When sewer systems needed overhauling in the past, excavation was required to access and repair the pipes, resulting in a lengthy, messy and costly job. Fortunately, we now offer a far less destructive method of pipe repair that does not require digging up your property, is cost-effective and is done in minimal time. This revolutionary method is known as ‘pipe relining’.

Pipe relining – the basics

Put simply, pipe relining involves lining the existing pipe with a resin-coated fibreglass or cloth pipe to effectively create a pipe within a pipe, removing the need to replace the damaged pipe. The existing pipe becomes more resilient to environmental forces such as tree root invasion. This method is suitable for all types of pipes, ranging in size from 40mm up to 600mm.

How the pipe relining method is performed

There are a number of steps that are performed in the pipe relining process to ensure a thorough and long-lasting job is done. Here is an overview of those steps:

Clearing of drains: A partial clean of the pipes is carried out with the use of a high powered water jetter. This is an essential first step.

Video camera inspection: Next, a close examination of the sewer pipes is conducted with the aid of a CCTV sewer camera to assess the extent and location of the damage to the pipes. The client is asked to view this footage also to enable them to make a more informed decision as to whether or not they’d like to opt for pipe relining to repair their pipes.

Thorough cleaning of pipes: Once it has been decided that pipe relining is a suitable method of pipe repair, a more comprehensive clean is performed to get the pipes ready for the next step – bonding the liner with the existing pipe.

Installation of the lining: A liner saturated with resin is placed inside the section of the pipe that is damaged. An air compressor then thrusts the liner to inflate to the diameter of the pipe precisely.

Curing: The newly inserted liner will be left for approximately two hours to dry. Steam may be used to aid the curing process with larger pipes.

Final video assessment: The final step is another inspection of the pipes to ensure that the pipe relining job has been done successfully.

Pipe relining – the benefits

It is clear that pipe relining offers many benefits. Here are some of the benefits that our clients have already enjoyed after having had pipe relining carried out at their property:

  • This ‘no dig’ method of pipe repair means there is no need to worry about costs involved with repairing destructed landscape
  • Pipe relining is a far quicker method than traditional pipe repair methods, taking only a matter of hours in some cases, as opposed to potentially several days
  • The labour and equipment costs associated with pipe relining are far less costly that traditional methods
  • Pipe relining results in pipes that are far more resilient, even toward tree root invasion, and have a steadier, smoother flow of water
  • Pipes that have been relined can last for up to 50 years

If this amazing method of pipe repair sounds like the perfect solution to your sewer system issues, call us today on 0421 913 167. We’d love to answer any questions you have about pipe relining.